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Mercer County Electric Water HeatersIf you have a need for electric water heater installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement, you have come to the right place! At Princeton Air, electric water heaters are one of our specialties. While gas water heaters are the most common types of water heaters, our water heater technicians are also experts in repairing and installing electric water heaters throughout the Mercer County area. 

Call Princeton Air at 609-531-7110 today to speak to an expert about electric water heaters. We'll answer any questions you might have and help you make the best decisions for heating water in your Mercer County area home or business.

Often time, where natural gas is not readily available in Mercer County, electric water heaters can represent an effective and reliable alternative. Energy costs are often higher when using an electric water heater compared with a gas water heater. However, electric water heaters often have a superior design, are easier and more affordable to install, are easier to maintain, and last longer. When considering the total cost of ownership and operation of an electric water heater, they often can be more affordable than gas water heaters in the long run.

Electric water heaters are made in more shapes, sizes, styles, and efficiencies than ever before. At Princeton Air, we are the leaders in electric water heater installation and maintenance for the Mercer County area. If you are considering an electric water heater, ask one of our electric water heater professionals about your many energy efficient options.

Contact us today to receive an estimate for your Mercer County area electric water heater needs!


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Princeton Air and Eric saved us from another cold night. You were there when PSE&G was not. Thank you. Susan West Windsor

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